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65% Growth increase
Cannabis Dispensaries

Fort Collins dispensaries on track to sell $40 million of Marijuana in 2016

By On November 21, 2016

This article is part 1 in a 4 part series looking at how cannabis sales benefit the citizens of Fort Collins. The numbers are coming in, and it’s clear that Fort Collins… Read More

Cannabis Legislation

PTSD Rejected From Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Program

By On July 20, 2015

Post-traumatic stress disorder has been rejected from Colorado’s medical marijuana program for the third time, after the Colorado Board of Health voted 6-2 to leave the ailment off of the list this past… Read More

Cannabis Strains

Strain Review – Golden Gilly

By On October 30, 2013

Life is about experimentation. No, not in an adult sense at all. Some call it exploring, discovery, or pushing life to the limit, but to me it’s just all one big experiment.… Read More


Vape Me, My Friend

By On October 9, 2013

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Normally this would mean I’d be deep in the throes of repetitive sample testing that is my 9-5 in the laboratory. Not today! Today… Read More

Red Registry Card
Cannabis Legislation

MyMJ: Getting A Red Card

By On October 2, 2013

Two hours. That is how long it takes to acquire a medical marijuana card in Colorado. From decision, to purchase. Two hours. For the sake of privacy I’ll leave the names and… Read More

Image Credit - jerseygirlsports.com
Cannabis Strains

Fantasy Football Flower

By On September 5, 2013

I could very well start this post off like so many others coming out this time of year with the obligatory “It’s that time, again!” but I won’t (although kinda just did),… Read More

Image Courtesy - Talking Points Memo (Talkingpointsmemo.com)

AAAAAND, We’re Back!

By On August 28, 2013

Budding Fort Collins is so excited to return to the ever changing and expanding world of cannabis culture in Fort Collins, and all of Northern Colorado. It’s been quite a while since… Read More

2013 Marijuana Laws - The Atlantic
Cannabis Legislation

Medical Marijuana Legislation Cropping Up All Over United States

By On May 20, 2013

The pro-cannabis election of November 2012 has resulted in a surge of states considering new marijuana laws, both for medical cannabis and for the decriminalization of cannabis (reducing marijuana-related charges to non-criminal… Read More

Cannabinoids may help combat PTSD
Cannabis Research

Marijuana Use May Help Combat PTSD, Diabetes, Feelings of Rejection

By On May 17, 2013

Over the past week, the results of new studies have been published that may provide some new insights into medical and mental health applications for marijuana. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In Molecular Psychiatry,… Read More

Whole Maui Wowie from Lyons Finest Confidential Care MMC in Longmont, CO
Cannabis Strains

Colorado Strain Review: Maui Wowie (Lyons Finest Confidential Care MMC)

By On April 8, 2013

  For my first strain review, I thought I’d take a fresh look at an old favorite: Maui Wowie (also known as Maui Waui or simply Maui). This is a classic sativa… Read More