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Cannabis Legislation

MyMJ: Getting A Red Card

By On October 2, 2013

Two hours. That is how long it takes to acquire a medical marijuana card in Colorado. From decision, to purchase. Two hours. For the sake of privacy I’ll leave the names and… Read More

Cannabis Legislation

First Coloradoan Conversation: Blazing New Trails

By On August 30, 2013

On Wednesday, August 28, the Fort Collins Coloradoan held the first ever “Coloradoan Conversation” on the issue not only near and dear to this blog, but obviously near and dear to an… Read More

Image Courtesy - Talking Points Memo (Talkingpointsmemo.com)

AAAAAND, We’re Back!

By On August 28, 2013

Budding Fort Collins is so excited to return to the ever changing and expanding world of cannabis culture in Fort Collins, and all of Northern Colorado. It’s been quite a while since… Read More

Empty Jar - Wikimedia Commons

The Art of the Tolerance Break

By On April 19, 2013

Note: This post is about taking a temporary break from using cannabis, not quitting permanently. Here are a few resources for people who want to quit using marijuana completely: r/leaves, Notre Dame’s… Read More

Cannabis Research

Become a Fort Collins Cannabis Connoisseur in Four Easy Observations

By On March 18, 2013

For beginning Fort Collins cannabis users and even many veterans, telling the difference between “good” and “bad” cannabis can be a tough task. Even if you’re shopping at an approved Colorado medical… Read More