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Cannaibus Closet
Cannabis Stigma

Out of the Cannabis Closet

By On October 18, 2016

Smokey closets are stifling. And suffocating. And probably, ultimately, bad for you. Yet so many people feel compelled to stay inside of one lest everyone find out they’re a…pot user. National Coming… Read More

Red Registry Card
Cannabis Legislation

MyMJ: Getting A Red Card

By On October 2, 2013

Two hours. That is how long it takes to acquire a medical marijuana card in Colorado. From decision, to purchase. Two hours. For the sake of privacy I’ll leave the names and… Read More

Not the greatest representation of the sport I love, but it gets the point across.
Cannabis Stigma

My Marijuana Journal (MyMJ)

By On September 18, 2013

Budding Fort Collins: Removing the propaganda, politics, and stereotypes while providing educational information about cannabis in Fort Collins. Sometimes it’s good to return to your roots. Remember who you are, and where… Read More

Is Parental Marijuana Use Child Abuse?
Cannabis Legislation

Is Parental Pot Use Child Abuse?

By On May 6, 2013

A few weeks ago, Senate Bill 278 was introduced to the Colorado Senate, a child-protection bill that would define: “…when a child is endangered by a caregiver’s use or possession of drugs,… Read More

Suburbia - by Flickr user happylilcoder
Cannabis Research

Support for Cannabis Legalization Budding Among Baby Boomers

By On April 12, 2013

Support for marijuana legalization has been growing steadily since the early ‘90s, with rates of support surpassing the 50% mark just this year. In January of 2013, roughly 52% of Americans supported… Read More

Amendment 64

Marijuana Tourism Won’t Dirty Colorado’s All-Natural Appeal

By On April 1, 2013

Marijuana tourism in Colorado became a hot topic as soon as Amendment 64 passed in November, with phrases like “Rocky Mountain High” and “Aspendam” being tossed around by newspapers and other media… Read More