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October 30, 2013

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Life is about experimentation. No, not in an adult sense at all. Some call it exploring, discovery, or pushing life to the limit, but to me it’s just all one big experiment. So it should come as no surprise that when I get a chance to try something new, I typically go for it. Food is the first example that comes to mind when thinking of things I experiment with in my daily life, but it hardly stops there. Coffee creamer, weed, and like any true Fort Collins resident – beer, are all examples of things I like to try new versions of. For the first time in quite some time, I came across a strain of herbals I’d never heard before. Hell, neither had the person gifting it to me. Well, they hadn’t heard of half of it. The half they had heard of…whoa, tongue twister…the half of which they had heard was Golden. As in Golden Goat, a popular indica/hybrid found all over Colorado. But the second word wasn’t Goat, it was Gilly. As in Gilly…weed? I

Guess they don't have HD at Hogwarts, but they have the ability to breathe underwater? Priorities, people!

This is apparently a “Gillyweed”… guess they don’t have HD at Hogwarts.

was (un)fortunate enough to Google that and find it’s the plant Harry Potter and co. eat in order to gain the ability to process oxygen under water. While the plant part of the reference gets close, I doubt it’s potent enough to make me try to breathe sub-aquatically. (SPOILER: It didn’t.) Gilly…suit? Drawing inspiration from a type of disguise seems unlikely, but if an allusion to being shrouded in mystery much like a GHILLIE-suit shrouds the wearer from sight, I get it. I guess.

While possibly one of the most controversially named strains, one thing about Golden Gilly is certain: the high is smooth and clean. Potent enough to know I’m at least a solid [5] without the dopey or groggy feel. The term “couch-locker” has been thrown around quite a bit in the circle of circles lately, GG certainly does not fall into this category, and without any of the jitters or anxiety that can come with some “up and at ‘em” indicas,

Makes a person LOOK like a plant, but don't think this is what the "Gilly" part of Golden Gilly means. Image Credit -

Makes a person LOOK like a plant, but don’t think this is what the “Gilly” part of Golden Gilly means. Image Credit –

either. As a mainly indica hybrid strain, Golden Goat alleviates nausea quite effectively. Also due to the indica nature of the strain, the medium potency can last for quite sometime without re-dosing, typically an hour or two. Both of these features come through in the Golden Gilly hybrid strain as well, making it great for those suffering from chronic digestive issues. The bud itself is a darker than average green with orange hair highlights, and appears to be Hoover Dam dense when observed with the naked eye. Good break-up ability and flows well through a grinder, like the features before it, everything about Golden Gilly can be summed up in one word: solid.

From chronic stomach pain, to recreational experimentation, Golden Gilly not only gets the job done, it gets the job done well, cleanly, and with little-to-no adverse effects. BuddingFC gives Golden Gilly a solid A-, with the chance of rounding that up to a straight-A with the right amount of negotiation after class, or in office hours. That’s right, a weed-school metaphor, who said they don’t coincide?

See you in the circle frients, hopefully with something I’ve never seen before.


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