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Robbery Occurring Outside of Choice Organics Currently Being Investigated

By On August 5, 2016

When out-of-state visitors decide to take advantage of Colorado’s legalization laws and stop by a dispensary during their trip, the last thing they would ever expect to happen is to get robbed of their… Read More

Amendment 64

Larimer County to Consider Repealing the Ban on Edible Marijuana Sales

By On March 8, 2016

The doors of the county offices in downtown Fort Collins opened to the public on Monday evening, as community residents of all ages, including business owners, parents, as well as Larimer County… Read More

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Amendment 64

Fort Collins Marijuana Dispensaries: The Who, What and Where

By On October 11, 2015

If you’ve ever thought about heading to a dispensary here in Fort Collins, but had no idea where to go, hopefully this can help. All of these local dispensaries offer unique experiences… Read More

Agent Orange
Agent Orange

What’s Smokin’ – Agent Orange Review

By On May 19, 2014

As a restaurant critic and long-time cannabis consumer, I’ve always thought that it was complete bullshit when people would hype up the flavors of certain strains. For the most part, the flavor… Read More

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Choice Organics

By On May 11, 2014

So, I had every intention of publishing this post as quickly as I could. I went to Choice Organics on their opening day – April 9th and picked up a couple of… Read More