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Cannabis Stigma

Cannaibus Closet
Cannabis Stigma

Out of the Cannabis Closet

By On October 18, 2016

Smokey closets are stifling. And suffocating. And probably, ultimately, bad for you. Yet so many people feel compelled to stay inside of one lest everyone find out they’re a…pot user. National Coming… Read More

Two women share a joint of cannabis - Wikimedia Commons

Women& Weed Event Happening in Fort Collins July 20

By On July 11, 2016

One of big the reasons that I love living in Fort Collins, is the overall unique culture that can’t be found anywhere else, as well as being among people who share very similar lifestyles… Read More

High School Students Sitting in Bleachers
Amendment 64

Youth Marijuana Use in Colorado Following Legalization

By On July 6, 2016

When marijuana legalization first became a topic of discussion in the state of Colorado, many opponents were quick to disagree with the decision, claiming that doing so would only result in an increase of… Read More

Cannabis Legislation

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Colorado’s Pot Law

By On March 24, 2016

On Monday, the Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma, who had taken action citing Colorado’s marijuana legalization as being unconstitutional. Basically, it’s kind of like Nebraska and Oklahoma are… Read More

Cannabis Legislation

Cannabis and Colorado Schools

By On December 22, 2015

Although marijuana isn’t a new drug by any means, it’s legalization in Colorado, as well as in the other three states, has resulted in a whole new way of considering how it’s… Read More

Cannabis Research

5 Major Marijuana Myths Debunked

By On October 19, 2015

Part of removing the negative stigma associated with marijuana can start with debunking some of the most common myths that people have come to believe as true, when it comes to the effects,… Read More

Courtesy of the Larimer County Sheriff's Office
Cannabis Stigma

ICYMI: Illegal Grow Op in Fort Collins Leads to Seven Arrests

By On October 16, 2015

An illegal grow operation, a coordinated extortion plot, violent threats, false claims, and an intense police raid…sounds like something you’d see on a crime show. However, this was not the story line of an… Read More

Cannabis Research

Good News About Marijuana and the Munchies

By On October 1, 2015

Picture this: It’s 8 p.m., you’ve digested dinner, smoked a few bowls, and then, like a ton of bricks, it hits you. Hello munchies!… Read More

Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images
Cannabis Legislation

Is Smoking Weed the New Vice of Choice for Coloradans?

By On September 28, 2015

Whether it be chain smoking a pack of Marlboro’s while stuck in traffic or pouring yourself just one more vodka-soda after a hard day’s work, we all have our vices that in… Read More

presidential debate edited
Amendment 64

Cannabis and the 2016 Presidential Candidates: Where Do They Stand?

By On September 21, 2015

In just about a year from now, on November 8, 2016, thousands of citizens will be gathering bright and early , forming lines behind booths to vote for the new leader of America. Since this… Read More