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Economic Impact of Marijuana in Colorado – 2015

By On November 4, 2016

Last week the Marijuana Policy Group put out its report on the Economic Impact of Marijuana Legalization for 2015 in Colorado. It’s not light reading. In fact, there’s so much to chew on… Read More

Black Market

Multiple Marijuana Transactions Around the City Have Recently Gone Awry

By On February 4, 2016

Just because Coloradan’s can legally purchase their marijuana from dispensaries now, doesn’t mean that dealers have stopped dealing and buyers have stopped buying from them. There are several reasons as to why… Read More

Black Market

The Black Market on Craigslist

By On December 2, 2014

One of the most common questions amongst cannabis consumers is whether people have ditched their dealers for dispensaries now that recreational weed is available. This was the carrot at the end of… Read More