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2013 Marijuana Laws - The Atlantic
Cannabis Legislation

Medical Marijuana Legislation Cropping Up All Over United States

By On May 20, 2013

The pro-cannabis election of November 2012 has resulted in a surge of states considering new marijuana laws, both for medical cannabis and for the decriminalization of cannabis (reducing marijuana-related charges to non-criminal… Read More

Cannabinoids may help combat PTSD
Cannabis Research

Marijuana Use May Help Combat PTSD, Diabetes, Feelings of Rejection

By On May 17, 2013

Over the past week, the results of new studies have been published that may provide some new insights into medical and mental health applications for marijuana. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder In Molecular Psychiatry,… Read More

Cannabis advocates at a Moms United to End the War on Drugs Rally - Facebook
Cannabis Stigma

Marijuana Mothers, We Salute You

By On May 13, 2013

Since yesterday was Mother’s Day (hi, Mom!), I thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight a group of cannabis users and advocates who often get overlooked: moms. The Huffington Post reports that,… Read More

Colorado State Capitol Building Senate Chambers - Wikimedia Commons
Amendment 64

“Unconstitutional” Amendment 64 Repeal Resolution Dead on Arrival, For Good Reason

By On May 10, 2013

On May 6, Colorado legislators introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 3, a resolution that would repeal Amendment 64 if Colorado voters did not approve suggested sales and excise taxes for the sale of… Read More

Is Parental Marijuana Use Child Abuse?
Cannabis Legislation

Is Parental Pot Use Child Abuse?

By On May 6, 2013

A few weeks ago, Senate Bill 278 was introduced to the Colorado Senate, a child-protection bill that would define: “…when a child is endangered by a caregiver’s use or possession of drugs,… Read More

Marijuana Thicket - Wikimedia Commons
Amendment 64

Some Thoughts on the Fort Collins Marijuana Listening Session

By On May 3, 2013

Many different people shared their opinions at the Fort Collins retail marijuana listening session on Tuesday, ranging from Steve Compton, who suggested planting marijuana fields in the mountains for erosion control, to… Read More

Fort Collins Old Town Pedestrian Mall - by Flickr user JoeInSouthernCA
Amendment 64

Live Blogging the Fort Collins Retail Marijuana Listening Session

By On April 29, 2013

If you want to submit your questions and/or comments to the listening session, you can: Call: (970) 498-7016 E-mail: BOCC@larimer.org You can also watch the session online or on cable TV: Online… Read More

Colorado State Capitol Building Senate Chambers - Wikimedia Commons
Amendment 64

Amendment 64 Regulation Takes Shape with Three Bills

By On April 26, 2013

By July 1, 2013, according to the text of Colorado’s Amendment 64, the Department of Revenue must:  “…adopt regulations necessary for implementation of this section [Section 5, Regulation of Marijuana]. Such regulations… Read More

Denver 420 Rally Aerial View

Shooting at Denver Civic Center Park 4/20 Celebration Injures Three

By On April 22, 2013

To say that this has been a rough week here in the United States would be an understatement. With the events in Boston and West, Texas, the last thing we needed was… Read More

Empty Jar - Wikimedia Commons

The Art of the Tolerance Break

By On April 19, 2013

Note: This post is about taking a temporary break from using cannabis, not quitting permanently. Here are a few resources for people who want to quit using marijuana completely: r/leaves, Notre Dame’s… Read More