Budding Fort Collins


If you had asked Jana Sanchez in 2012 if she’d ever partake in Colorado’s cannabis culture, the answer would have been a resounding no. Oh how things change.

When she left her corporate job a year later to become a small business owner, and drug tests became a thing of the past, Jana was finally able to dive into the products and benefits of marijuana. The more time she spends talking with medical patients, rec users, and entrepreneurs, the more she believes that legalization is going to make a profound and lasting impact on our culture and economy.

Jana will continue to bring the readers of Budding Fort Collins the strain and product reviews they love. She’ll also be rolling in information about economic impact, medical advances, and local companies that are making it happen in Northern Colorado.

As a professional woman in her (almost) 40’s and the mother of a teenager, she’ll also be working to help cut through the propaganda and reduce the stigma that’s still attached to smoking up in so many places.