AAAAAND, We’re Back!

August 28, 2013


Budding Fort Collins is so excited to return to the ever changing and expanding world of cannabis culture in Fort Collins, and all of Northern Colorado. It’s been quite a while since the last consistent action from a blogger in this spot, but don’t live in the past! This blog certainly won’t. With so much occurring in the hemp-o-sphere seemingly every day in the wake of Amendment 64, there’s really no time to look back, change is now!

Speaking of change (and obvious segways into the next paragraph) while

Flyer sent out by the Fort Collins Coloradoan advertising the Q&A

Flyer sent out by the Fort Collins Coloradoan advertising Wednesday’s Q&A. – Image Courtesy Fort Collins Coloradoan (

Budding Fort Collins will most certainly undergo a noticeable change in writing style, structure, and content, the dedication to providing the education and insight into the cannabis issues important to you will remain the same. Because this blog – much like the culture it follows – at its core is really a community. From dispensary owners and budtenders preparing tirelessly for March 2014 openings, to card holders and casual experimenters with questions on everything from legality to strain potency, BFC will (try our darndest to) cover the personal issues that matter most. Budding Fort Collins is, and will continue to be, part of the FoCo community and its people, and the only way to prove this is by providing the information to those very same people for some time to come.

The timing of our site revamp really couldn’t have worked out better, with the

Marijuana in the Community” Q&A being held at the Coloradoan home office at 1300 Riverside Dr. in Fort Collins this coming Wednesday, August 28. Six panelists will be fielding questions from community members in order to start a real, person-to-person discussion on the future of marijuana in Northern Colorado. BFC will most certainly be attending and will recap all things

interesting, intriguing, and informational. The unique session between many different voices of the growing cannabis community in Fort Collins truly coincides well with the mission of BFC, as well as the vision of this blog going forward. We wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a match made in “high” heaven, but we sure do love it when things work out, especially timing.

So pumped to be able to say this…see you again VERY soon, frients. Until then, stay safe and see you in the circle.

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